Say hello to the future of compost

Compost is amazing for soil revitalization. It can literally change the world. But making compost brings with it that tricky balance between art and science and can also take a lot of physical effort and time. We aim to make it easier to produce a high-quality soil amendment and learn the science of compost, thereby strengthening the field of regenerative agriculture.

Historically, compost piles were managed with only physical senses, olfactory and visual being the two primary senses used. Connecting with our senses in this way will always have merit. 

At some point, the industry gained the use of analog thermometers. Suddenly it was easier to understand some of the inner workings of a pile by monitoring how temperatures fluctuate from day to day. Analog thermometers can be really handy but they are also limiting. 

This is where Vital Grow Inc.’s Smart Compost Thermometer comes into the picture. It is time for the compost industry to change again, to take the next step by utilizing advanced technology. With improvements in tech as a whole, it is now possible to apply more modern approaches to learning and working. We are moving the trade forward by embracing the greater capabilities available in today’s world. 

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