Device Setup


Device WiFi Configuration

Depending on your device, follow the corresponding instructions:

For PC, Mac, or Android Users: Ensure Bluetooth is on and that you are using the latest version of Google Chrome. If you don’t have Chrome, download it here:

For iPhone Users: Ensure that Bluetooth is on and access this page ( using the Bluefy browser app. You can download it for free here:


  1. Flip on the power switch of your device. During interaction, the LED might pause briefly.

  2. Wait until the Lower LED blinks in a R A I N B O W pattern and the Upper LED blinks BLUE. This means the device is ready to connect to the browser and search for credentials.

  3. Click “Connect to Device” and choose the first device that appears when prompted. Click “Scan for Networks” and then select your WiFi network.

  4. Input your WiFi password. Upon entering your credentials, the Lower LED will start blinking GREEN, signaling it’s trying to connect, while the Upper LED will continue blinking BLUE.

Once the device is connected, the Lower LED will slowly breathe CYAN, and the Upper LED will turn solid BLUE. After a momentary period, the device will then enter a sleep state. Your setup is now complete, and the device will transmit data every 30 minutes. The device does not notify if the password is incorrect. To modify or reenter your password, flip the switch off and back on. If your device enters a sleep state without receiving credentials, restart the setup process by flipping the switch off and then back on.  

Device Communication Log