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Wi-Fi Vermicompost Thermometer 9in (22.86 cm)

Wi-Fi Vermicompost Thermometer 9in (22.86 cm)

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$10 per month subscription required per probe.

24/7 data and text/email notifications.

Enhance your worm composting system with our 8-Inch Smart Vermicompost Thermometer. Tailored for accuracy, efficiency, and convenience, it's the indispensable tool for vermicomposters.

Our Smart Vermicompost Thermometer is designed with a single temperature sensor located at the tip of the 8-inch probe. This sensor is finely calibrated to give you the most accurate temperature reading of your vermicompost:

Key Features:

24/7 Monitoring: Constant temperature tracking keeps you up to date. Wi-Fi Connectivity: Effortlessly connects to your Wi-Fi, uploading data to the cloud every 30 minutes. (Click here if you lack Wi-Fi at your vermicompost site) Durable & Waterproof: Featuring an IP67 rated case for assured reliability. Single Sensor Probe: An 8-inch probe provides detailed readings with ±0.9°F accuracy. Cloud Data Access: Observe and record the temperature of your vermicompost pile from anywhere, anytime.


Save Time: Automated monitoring results in fewer manual checks. Effective Vermicomposting: Maintain perfect vermicomposting conditions with real-time data. User-Friendly: Easy setup and operation make vermicomposting simple. Stay Connected: Get prompt alerts and custom reports directly to your device. Single Temperature Sensor

At the Tip: The sole sensor is located at the tip of the probe, designed to capture the temperature where your worms are actively breaking down organic material.

Why Choose Our Smart Compost Thermometer?

Vermicomposting is a specialized craft, and like any craftsperson, you require the correct tools. Our thermometer isn't merely a tool; it's a revolution. With its straightforward features and immediate data access, you can handle your vermicompost like a pro. Whether you're a hobbyist or oversee a commercial operation, our thermometer is adapted to suit your needs.


1. Do I need a compost thermometer?

A vermicompost thermometer ensures the best conditions for your worms, promoting efficient digestion of organic matter.

2. How do you check the temperature of vermicompost?

With our Smart Vermicompost Thermometer, just insert the probe into your worm compost pile and retrieve real-time data via your online dashboard.

3. What temperature range should vermicompost be?

Ideal vermicomposting temperatures range from 55°F to 77°F. Our thermometer helps you stay within this optimal range.

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Handling Big Projects, Without Wi-Fi, or Seeking Varied Probe Lengths?

If you're managing extensive composting operations, have no Wi-Fi access, or are in search of a particular probe size, we've got solutions for you. Reach out to explore the possibilities.