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$10/active*  thermometer/month
10+ thermometers
(only for commercial packages with a base station)
 $5/active* probe/month



Personal dashboards are fully customizable by each individual/company. There will be a default dashboard when you sign up for service that can be edited, changed, and personalized if desired. Please see our videos HERE for instructional assistance on the basics of dashboard setup.
  • Line chart of each probe’s temp readings over time
  • List of most recent temp data per probe
  • Line chart of averaged probe temp data
  • Ambient temp. and humidity data (requires purchase of 
  • Reports (automatically emailed or downloaded manually)- record keeping CSV files created for data saving or regulation compliance
  • Notifications (text and/or email)- examples include:
    • Pile reaching desired temp.
    • Pile exceeding desired high temp. threshold
    • Pile dropping below desired low temp. threshold
    • Pile within desired temp. range for the required amount of time

* An active probe is considered any thermometer probe that is turned on for any length of time during the month. An invoice will be sent out after the last day of the month and any thermometer probe that was turned on within the previous month will be charged as an active probe for that month.

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