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1-9 active* thermometer probes = $20/month
10+ thermometer probes = $2/active* probe/month




  • List of most recent temp data per probe
  • Line chart of each probe’s temp readings over time
  • Line chart of averaged probe temp data
  • Ambient temperature readings (pulled from local weather data). Also added to line charts.
  • Ability to choose date range for viewing past data for each probe (up to 2 years back)
  • Ability to rename probes depending on which pile they are being used in
  • Automatic weekly reports
  • Record keeping documents created for data saving or regulation compliance
  • Notifications (text and/or email)
    • Pile reaching 132F
    • Pile reaching 150F
    • Pile reaching 160F
    • Pile going above 175 degrees F (thermal compost) or 85 degrees F (vermicompost)
    • Pile not reaching 132 within 24 hr of turn
    • Pile dropped below 132
    • Battery percentage low
  • ***More features will be integrated over time as we are able to better utilize the software available to us***

* An active probe is considered any thermometer probe that is turned on for any length of time during the month. An invoice will be sent out after the last day of the month and any thermometer probe that was turned on within the previous month will be charged as an active probe for that month.

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