The Data

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Information Presented in a Practical Way

Display, interpretation, and analysis of the data are as important as the collection. Making use of powerful software enables us to effectively encapsulate the gathered information.

After purchasing a unit, or package of units, you will be directed to set up an account.

The following tools are included with every set of devices. Please see “The Dashboard” about page for more details on features and information on software subscription pricing.

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Visuals can be a really convenient way to interpret data. Access graphs and charts that display pile temperature data for easy viewing. 

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Knowing when certain parameters are being met (or not being met) within a compost pile is critical to success. Receive notifications on important composting metrics.

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Record keeping is an essential aspect of learning and adapting. Files can be created for each completed pile for your internal company use and to assist with compliance to regulating bodies.

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Sensible Indicators

Our smart tech includes easy to view indicators to show when a pile has been turned and when a pile has not heated quickly enough after a turn.

More features will be added as we absorb and grow!

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