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Smart Devices for an Increasingly Connected World

From a desire to be able to know exactly what is happening at all times in a pile of compost, Vital Grow Inc.’s Smart Compost Thermometer was born. Being long-time composters ourselves and having an intimate relationship with the process has helped us create a device that WE would (and do) want to use. The features included are a culmination of experience and imagination.

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Thermophilic Compost, Vermicompost, Aerated Static Compost, Johnson-Su Bioreactors, and More

If you compost and you want to know the temperature of your decomposing organic matter, we have a unit that will suite you. Our standard tubing lengths are 91 cm (3′) and 20 cm (8″) but we are able to customize lengths as needed.


Additionally, we have an ambient temperature and humidity unit available as an add-on to our compost thermometers so that you can know the conditions at your specific site.

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Reading Intervals

The thermometer will take temperature readings at regular intervals (every 30 minutes) and will send the information to your personal dashboard. Regularly timed readings ensure that you know what is occurring inside the compost pile at all hours of the day/night. Stand-alone units connect via WiFi and commercial units connect via WiFi or cellular network.

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Multiple Sensors, More Data

All of our 91 cm (3′) thermometers come with three temperature sensors inside of them! Thus, temperature gradients inside of the pile can be observed.

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Protected from the Elements

IP67 rated enclosure. This means that the thermometer probes and base station are highly weather resistant against rain, snow, and dust. Additionally, they have held up with no issues in our testing against extremes in both cold and hot weather.

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Energy Usage

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Linking Probes
(Commercial Packages)

There is no limit to the number of thermometer probes that can connect to one base station (commercial packages). You can have 1 probe to monitor a hand turn pile, 3 probes for a small pile to get a good average of internal temp, 10 probes in a long windrow, or even 100 probes distributed between multiple windrows.

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Long Distance Communication
(Commercial Packages)

The thermometer probes and base station communicate via long range radio waves. This allows the probes to be distaned from the base station. If your business office, home, or headquarters is on the other side of your site, you can still receive readings without worry.

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